We believe that learning is embedded in the relationships that you form and develop, whether with classmates and faculty members or with your experience of the natural world. Our community is small enough that you can know everyone and be known.

You’ll get many opportunities to bond and connect with your peers through various clubs and communities, extra-curricular activities and cultural fests. These interactions not only enhance the overall personality of our students, but are also essential for creating a well-balanced learning environment for them.

A home away from home, the campus offers many outlets of creative independence for students to pursue their interests and hobbies, while also providing opportunities to participate in community services.



Are you sure you know how to

  • Present yourself impressively at interviews?
  • Overcome shyness and be a good speaker?
  • Work cooperatively with people and assert yourself?
  • Express yourself appropriately?
  • Shine at meetings and convey your ideas effectively?
  •
Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular

1.ACM computing chapter To provide a platform for serving as a professional network, encouraging students to take active interest in organization of high quality ACM workshops, Symposium, Seminar expert lectures, conferences in India and also provide logistical support. President:Dr. Ajay Kumar,(Associate Professor,CSED) Email id :-ajaykumar@thapar.edu Vice President:Karun Verma,(Assistant Professor,CSED) Email id :-karun.verma@thapar.edu  2.Adventure Club Adventure Club @ Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology is the forum for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, climbers and armchair mountaineers in the student community. It works to develop the spirit of adventure in Thaparians. The aim is to make the best of the absolutely beautiful terrain around Himachal region and beyond, in the short vacations one gets in an year, while having the greatest fun possible. While the stock activities are trekking ,rock climbing and mountain cycling, adventure club has also organized skiing and ri... Read more...